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    Non formal educational system is a system where the school goes to the student instead of the student going to the school. Online theological college international is a non formal educational institute, which goes to the student and follows the student down to the student’s kitchen, office, bedroom, rest room, sitting room, workshop or where ever the student sits and relaxes. It is a friendly institution that goes to the student and always calls for friendship and closer relationship with the student. Online theological college international is established to educate busy men and women, busy couples, busy workers and busy civil servants who cannot afford specific time to be in the classrooms for four years before earning the degrees of their choice, thus the  very school and desired degrees can be located in their handsets, in their office computers and through their contact with internet at anytime and anywhere.

    Non formal educational system offered by the online theological college international, has no age limit, has no financial burden, has no educational stress and has no formal experiential requirements. Every man is qualified, every woman is qualified and every place is also qualified as a classroom.  Non formal educational system of online theological college international is both inter tribal, inter racial, international, intercontinental and inter denominational program that fits every man that breaths and every man that can read and write. It is for all of you, call on us today.

    Students and all intending students have the right to call on phone, write through our E-mails or contact us directly in times of their difficulties or specific inquiry. Our phones are open to hear from our beloved students who desire to speak with us. God bless you.

    Non internet school system in online theological college international is a system where the student desires not to study through internet or through online, but desires to study through manual or by surface educational programs. Online theological college international has different alternative through any internet or by any electronic system.

    The following alternative are available to any student who desires to study outside the computer system or outside any electronic system. Such fellows are advised to study through the under listed programs available for them.

    1. Such student is here advised to study under the umbrella of El Theological college for regular studies.
    2. El University of Theology and Biblical seminary is another option for such student that cannot study online with us.
    3. Any student who cannot study online, can be admitted in and by international institute of missions for regular theological training.
    4. Correspondence program can be offered to such student to study the same courses and finally earn the degree of his dream.
    5. Week end program offered by El Theological college which comes only on Fridays and Saturday s can be better for such student if he can afford such time especially during evening periods.
    6. Part time Monday tutorial program is available to those who cannot meet or fit in all computer programs of the college.
    7. Church or ministry extended program which offers house to house program can also be offered to such student, under this condition, the church hall, ministry hall or fellowship center can serve as the classroom while the school shall be extended to the zone of the applicant.
    8. Execute tutorial class can be helpful, this is where the student requests for executive private teacher in his house, office or elsewhere, which the college authority through his request offers a special teacher to such person on the condition that He shall cater the cost.




    Online theological college international is an independent Bible college with all facilities and lively programs in order to achieve its academic and ministerial programs.

    Correspondence education is one of the processes through which the online theological college international projects its academic programs to students in far countries or those in distant areas.

    There are two basic areas through which the correspondent learning process can take place and still achieve the desired academic goals. Below are the two basic areas of correspondence.

    1. Students of correspondence, can get their letters, handouts, course outlines, books and other lecture materials, including their examinations through the Emails of the students, thus, it is very necessary for each student of this category to have an Email, through which he can receive all his or her correspondences from Oltheco.



    Students of correspondence can also receive their study materials, books, handouts, lecture outlines, letters, examinations and other documents through surface mails or through their postal addresses. Students of this category are advised to get mail boxes from their nearby post offices in order to facilitate studies and other academic problems.

    Students who cannot meet up with computer businesses and who cannot meet up with the fully fit in with the correspondence. Those studying under correspondence can benefit peace, easy reading, easy study, free from stress and free from academic tension. Those on correspondence have right to write and to communicate with the institution when necessary and where necessary also.

    The administrative settings in online theological college is very unique and special. Online theological college international a holiness Bible college with Biblical vision and heavenly focus. The administrative settings of the online theological college is stated below.







    The president

    The chairman of all affairs



    Director of programs

    Admin officers of the college



    Internet Director

    Director of all internet programs



    Director of missions

    Director of the college missions and ministries



    The rector

    The director of the campus



    Dean of studies

    Director of all academic programs of the college




    College secretary and director of admission


    Online theological college is an open Bible college with a vision to reach all with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each admin officer can be reached through the above phone calls only when such duty calls for. Online theological college can be reached through phone calls or through other electronic means as are shown below.

    1. Phones - +234-80888576 94, +234-7069351921
    2. Email:,
    3. Website:,,



    Online Theological college is an existing Bible college physically and in the internet as well. It is not a fiction and never an imagination. It is existing both in the internet and in the surface with visible offices, classrooms, reachable lecturers, physical buildings and non internet courses. It has a visible address and visible programs and other things are managed from the international headquarters of the college. It has visible and practical administration, reachable management and literal organization. It is not only existing in the website but also in the visible and physical realm. Below are the literal contact of the international headquarters of the college which is in Aba south, Abia State, Nigeria.

    1. LITERAL INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS: Online Theological college International plot Uju Gospel village, Aba south, Abia State, NIGERIA.
    2. POSTAL CONTACT: P.O. Box 4251 Aba, Abia State NIGERIA.
    4. FACEBOOK CONTACT: eltheco seminary, eltheco Nigeria
    5. PHONE CONTACTS: +234-8088857694, +234-7069351921, +234-8107843029


    Online Theological college international is ready to accommodate students in El Theological college campus, especially students who do not want to study online but desire to study on surface and in classroom full time studies. Such students can be allowed to study the courses from the ONLINE THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL OR join El Theological college, El university of Theology and Biblical seminary or international institute of missions for their regular and full time studies if such students do so. Those students under such condition have their full rights to live in the college hostels and enjoy all benefits attached to their studies in the college. They shall also be regarded as campus students and as the rightful students of the college.

    Hostels are available to students who want to live in the college campus in Aba, Abia State of Nigeria or where ever the college has campus. Students are advised to call or to enquire where ever they feel. Hostels are available to students of the college who are officially admitted.

    Internet Christian Books is an open Christian bookshop which is made available to all interested buyers. The books are sold to any person who may desire to buy them. The books are sold online and not through the postal address, unless otherwise permitted by the authority. The books are for sale and only to those who paid in advance through the college bank.

    The buyer must be specific on the books he or she wants to buy, through writing or by calling, indicating the tittles, the authors and the topic or chapters if  possible and send such particulars to the marking manager or director of business online theological college international.

    The buyers should pay to the bank and send the pay slip to the director of business of online theological college Nigeria. The books shall be scanned and be sent to Email of the buyers. Based on this, the cost of each book shall be higher than what the actual price is in the market or bookstore.

    The buyer shall only purchase the books he or she has already read through our internet and should only demand or request from what he or she sees in the internet Christian bookshop only.

    The buyer should pay before the books shall be sent to him or her. Below are the bank details of the online theological college international.

    1. Bank – FCMB
    2. Account name: El Theological college
    3. Account number: 1234169012

    In case of any emergency or any difficult situation in such transaction, the buyer is free to call the attention of the admin officer of the college at +234-8081761598.

    Online Theological College international has specific programs for the training of lay workers in the local churches which shall improve their services to the lord, services to the church and their services to humanity. The lay training program is focused on how to build and equip the lay worker in the church. Below are the expectations from the lay Christian workers after their specific training.

    1. After the training lay workers knowledge shall improve
    2. After training the lay worker shall be helped in leadership
    3. He shall learn the ethics of church meetings.
    4. Soul winning strategies shall be enlarged
    5. Church growth programs shall be unveiled.
    6. Bible holiness shall be fully imparted to student
    7. Charismatic life shall be visible in students ministry
    8. Student shall receive the power of elocution
    9. Student’s vision shall be wide and broad
    10. Sound reasoning and mature calculation shall be achieved
    11. True knowledge of the scriptures shall be gained
    12. The prayer life of the lay workers shall be enlarged


    Lay workers training program shall offer the students true opportunity t have wider and greater understanding of the gospel ministry. It is a one year study program under correspondence, online or through week end programs. All interested students should call, write or visit in order to have proper understanding of the program. Lay training program in online theological college is designed for the lay workers, deacons, Sunday school teachers, altar workers, chorus leaders, departmental leaders, ushers, board and committee members including all other lay Christian workers in the church. To reach the director of programs, the following contacts can be followed.



    Write or call on the director of programs indicating your intension, then you will be directed on how to get the form and other financial attachments. It is only one year study program for every certificate course, and only designed for lay people and not for gospel ministers already at the pulpit or already in the mission fields.

    Christian workers school of ministry is an academic and spiritual school specially established to groom, train, mentor, disciple, build and equip lay workers and junior church officers in the body of Christ. The lay workers school of ministry is also an internet Bible college, though can also consider students who may want to study physically without internet but desire to study under lecturers. It is a twelve month program, leading to the certificates of ministry, of mission, of evangelism, Christian leadership, Christian worship, Christian ethics, Bible morality or certificate of Christian education. The focuses of Christian workers school of ministry are to develop the hidden potentials in the Christians.

    Below are the expectation and vision for such school.

    1. To develop the teaching ability of the students
    2. To equip the student to be potential preachers
    3. To educate the students scripturally and spiritually
    4. To build the students charismatically
    5. Students shall be helped to be mature and be enlightened
    6. The ministry of the students shall be developed
    7. The spiritual gifts in the students shall manifest
    8. Church leadership shall be developed in the students
    9. Ability to direct and to control God’s people shall be developed through the studies.
    10. The vision and mission of the students shall be clear and well understood through the studies.

    Christian workers school of ministry is the academic base of all lay Christian workers who want to be greatly used by God and by the church. Christian workers who are interested should call or write to the director of Christian workers program through the Emails or phone numbers available in this information or below this information.

    1. Emails:,
    2. Phones: +234-7051938955, +234-7069351921


    Pick up your phone and call on any of the phone lines available to you or write to the director of programs through the Emails indicated in this information. Make your intension known to us, then, we shall direct you what next to do, how to get the admission for and all about the financial information attached to the studies. God bless you.


    Compassionate woman orphanage home is a godly orphanage home with great sympathy, love and compassion to the orphans, abandoned children, motherless children, and children without any traces of their origin. This is a gospel orphanage where the orphans and the less privileged children are cared for, fed, trained and helped. It is the continuation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the visible manifestation of Gods sympathy.

    Rev DR (Mrs.) Alice Zuriel Ononuju is the compassionate woman whose services are on the orphans. Compassionate woman orphanage home was founded by Rev DR (Mrs.) Alice Zuriel Ononuju in 2008 at Aba. Compassionate woman orphanage home is an arm of the compassionate women outreach ministries founded by Rev DR (Mrs.) Alice Zuriel Ononuju in 2007 at Aba, Abia State Nigeria.

    Here are other arms and branches of compassionate women outreach ministries Nigeria Inc.


    This is an orphanage home where the abandoned children, orphans, motherless children, children without traces of origin pick up along the roads and other less privileged children are catered for, trained, clothed, fed, cared, helped and built for their supporters are needed all over the world to see more about the compassionate woman orphanage home, visit


    Compassionate women outreach ministries has the department of widows, where the poor widows, sick and the hospital ministry where the sick is cared for, treated and helped. The ministry to the sick and to the wounded is the continuation of the Lords ministry which the compassionate woman outreach ministries is practically involved by meeting the needs of the sick physically and practically.


    Helping the poor, providing foods, cash and clothes to the poor is one part of the ministries of the compassionate women outreach ministries founded by Rev DR (Mrs.) Alice zuriel Ononuju. God has been helping the ministry to be meeting up with the client’s needs. To view this go to
    This is the continuation of Jesus ministry. To reach Rev DR (Mrs.) Alice Zuriel Ononuju, call +234-8039348660, +234-8059809945.,,


    There is a great opportunity for the African gospel ministers who desire to study in the online theological college. There are great preferential treatments to those gospel ministers who shall be sent by their General overseers to study in our institution with specific letters to indicate and authenticate such. Online theological college international shall give special preference to the gospel ministers of African origin who shall be officially sent by their churches and signed by their General overseers with the original church letterhead to authenticate such approval. Below are some of the benefits of such ministers whose churches can send to study in the online theological college whose general overseers shall sign and authenticate such with the church original letterhead.

    1. Such ministers sent by their churches shall pay only 50% of the tuition fees and 50% of other monetary transactions in the college.
    2. Such ministers shall receive free certificate of commissioning and 50% of the cost of ordination after physically ordaining them.
    3. Such students shall receive special awards from the college if they score beyond 3.00 of 4.00 GPA.
    4. Nevertheless, the students are encouraged to take proper care of their study materials, handouts, textbooks or other classroom business and their cost.
    5. All interested candidates from the African soil are encouraged to call, write or indicate their interest as soon as they read this.


    Students and gospel ministers who through this advert develop great interest to study whose churches are supporting,, who also desire to study through surface learning system or through classroom teaching program in the physical class with visible and practical lecturers form he lectures physically and not by internet shall also receive the same benefits if other requirements are met as stipulated above.


    International Institute of missions is a great holiness Bible college. It is an independent Bible college of its own. It is very rich in courses and highly academic, spiritual and charismatic. Rev Prof Emma Ononuju is the president and the pioneer director of international institute of missions. It is a holiness Bible college with emphasis on holiness and purity of the heart. It is a missionary minded college with the great focus on the mission field and with the closest key to the world harvest. It is an evangelistic Bible college equipping men and women for the world harvest, world evangelism, church growth and the salvation of the sinners.

    International institute of missions is very rich in courses, very great in impartation, wonderful in true communication, visible in changing of lives and powerful in discipleship. It offers both diploma, bachelor degrees and postgraduate programs. International institute of missions is totally summarized as stated below.

    1. The most academic Bible college
    2. The most spiritual Bible college
    3. The most charismatic Bible college
    4. The most missionary minded Bible college
    5. The best Bible college in the state
    6. The center of knowledge and great impartation
    7. The mother of all knowledge and wisdom
    8. The center of revival and restoration
    9. Bible college with vision and mission
    10. Bible college with influence of building and equipping.


    International institute of missions has qualified lecturers and needed study materials to educate, equip and groom the students to be all that God wants them to be.

    To locate international institute of missions, visit,



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