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Students or individuals desiring to study or to know the payable fees in online theological college international shall now consider the under list payable fees in this college presently, which are adjustable, amendable, reducible, increasable, double-able  or changeable as the case may be. Students should stick at paying the under listed fees. Some of these fees are once and for all (only once through studies), some are every trimester, while others may only occur when such needs arise. Our fees are very low to compare with what other institutions charge.


  1. Admission and registration fee (once for all)
  2. Matriculation fee (once and for all)
  3. Tuition fees (every trimester)
  4. Correspondence fees (every trimester)
  5. Study materials (handouts) every trimester
  6. Library fee (once and for all).

INFORMATION: The graduation fee, matriculation fee and the admission/registration fee are only paid when such needs arise and only during the occasions that attract such fees only and they are paid only once by the student in a particular program, but can be paid twice if the student enters or takes another academic program after his or her first pursuit.

Students or individuals desiring to study online in ONLINE THEOLOGICAL COLELGE INTERNATIONAL should contact the director of admission through the following under listed means of contact for quicker and possible enrolment. The person desiring for admission should call, write or visit in order to reach the college office at the appropriate period.

  1. Phones - +23-808 885 7694, +234 – 810 784 3029
  2. Emails:,
  3. Face books: eltheco seminary, eltheco Nigeria
  4. Website:,,
  5. Process of application for enrolment
  6. The applicant should immediately write to our office through our     E-mail above. The applicant should add his or her E-mail, phone numbers etc.
  7. The applicant should pay for the admission form which shall be sent to him or her on request after payment.
  8. The applicant should fill the form and scan the form and return the form through our E-mail above.
  9. The applicant should demand for the list of payable fees for admission and immediately pay for all in order to receive the study materials through his E-mail.



Here are both academic, ministerial, missionary and spiritual instructions to the students and all who want to enroll as the students of Online Theological college International.

  1. Anyone indicating to be a student of online theological college, must follow due process as fully indicated in this website.
  2. Every registered student must purchase the handouts (study materials) as stipulated in this website and such shall be paid before the one can receive the handouts from us. This will help the student to study well and to understand the real course.
  3. Every student desiring to study with us online must have functional E-mails and accurate phone numbers that are always available.
  4. The study materials (handouts) have no specific amount, but only depend on the volume of such course, students should comply with this.
  5. All payments shall be made through bank, while the payer shall immediately send his or her pay slip or receipt to us for our immediate recognition and confirmation of the person.
  6. Every transaction is through internet, unless otherwise approved by the college authority when every internet alternative fails.
  7. Every interested candidate should immediately write to us through his or her personal E-mail address, from where we shall also reply to him or to her.
  8. Phone calls are needed from all interested candidates and all enquiries, information, observations and advice made through phone calls are highly accepted and appreciated.
  9. Every fully admitted student must receive letter of admission from our institution to confirm his or her admission and students are advised to demand for this after payment.
  10. Each session of studies lasts for four months which is three trimester a year.
  11. No vacuum shall be allowed in the admission form, every question must be answered and every gap must be filled and signed by the person applying for admission.
  12. The student should quickly notify our college authority when there are changes in his E-mail or in his contact phones, and should send the recent ones to us for proper communications.
  13. Every registered student is fully recognized, there is no distance in our admission, hence we operate internationally and never make any unnecessary compromise with the country of residence, the entire world is our parish.
  14. Students are advised to reach each handout (study material) or the courses within the first four months, because other courses are required to be studied after each trimester.
  15. Students must sit for their exams after each trimester (4 months) and the examinations must come from the very courses studied in the handout.
  16. The total number of courses for each trimester must be covered and no student shall be graduated without covering stipulated number of credits required.
  17. All payments must be made before receiving any package from us and all monetary transactions should be through our college bank as stipulated in our admission form.
  18. Student who have problems in studies in meeting up with time, in internet transaction or in any problem as it relates to his or her studies should notify the college authority for possible advice.
  19. Every student is advised to visit the following website four times each in his or her first four months of admission and report what features prominently in each of the websites and what touched or attracted him mostly in any of the website. This stands as a credit exam to the student (a) (b) (c) (not less than four pages).
  20. Students have the right to enroll at any time, at any month and at any season, still each course shall last for four months, starting from the date of their enrolment.



Online Theological college has great package for all and stands as the mother of all online theological institutions in the country.

  1. The focus of the online theological college is to know Christ to make Him known by carrying the gospel where ever man is found and to equip men and women who shall influence others with the gospel of JESUS CHRIST.
  2. The field of OLTHECO is the entire world and everywhere that man is found. OLTHECO has no classroom but the heart of man.
  3. The students of Oltheco are as many as can read and have believed in the only son of God who died for the world.
  4. The business of Oltheco is to make everyone Bible literate and Bible believer and to bring the theological education to the door post of all.
  5. The educational pursuit of Oltheco is to equip called men and women with needed theological, missionary, ecclesiological and academic materials in order to make them great.
  6. The ministerial pursuit of the online theological college is to get everyone saved in order to populate the kingdom of God.
  7. The opportunities created by the online theological college international is to make all studies easy for man and to bring the classroom at the reach of all, even those  in the bedrooms through their handsets (phones)
  8. Quality of courses available in online theological college international are such as can make the vision and mission of the students.
  9. The missionary focus of Oltheco is to make every minister, a soul winner, while every church becomes a growing church.



Online theological college International is an internet college of theology. It is only for internet businesses and studies and admits students on internet or online. It is E. theological college in Nigeria and stands only for internet studies and admissions and does not deal with any surface or physical studies. Nevertheless, any student desiring to study on surface, on classroom business or on physical admission outside internet should contact El Theological college at or or call +234-810 784 3029.

Online theological college international is not only for Nigerians but for the entire world and for wherever man is found. The admission and acceptance of online theological college international are open for students from every part of the world. It is an open theological college with the gospel focus aiming at winning all for Christ. Online theological college international cannot be separated from the gospel ministry it was called for.

Online theological college international has all its transaction through internet alone. The under listed programmes of the theological college are only through internets.

  1. Admission is through internet.
  2. Studies are through internet, though the handouts shall be printed from the internet for them to study in their homes.
  3. Examinations are through the internet
  4. All documents are through internet
  5. All enquiries are through internet, though, they may contact us through phone calls.
  6. Letters or other writings are through internet.



Online Theological college international is an inter-denominational Bible college with vision. It is an international Bible college with a focus to reach every nation with the gospel of life. Online theological college international is bent to build the saints.
Below are other attentions of OLTHECO internationally.

  1. The international purpose of Oltheco is to carry the gospel to wherever man is found and to equip the gospel ministers who shall solidify the Christian faith in their nations.
  2. The plan of Oltheco is to equip called men and called women with sound theological materials and the Bible based truth, to avoid heresies and other polluted doctrines of the deceivers.
  3. The pursuit of the Oltheco is to know Christ and to make Him known and through this process and pursuit globalize the Christian faith according to the instruction of JESUS Acts 1:8.
  4. Online theological college international is an international ministry fishing in international mission, with the aim of bringing every tribe, every culture, every race, nation, country and every people of the world to understand the love of CHRIST.
  5. International mission and vision of the Online theological college is to reconcile everyone with God, based on this, Oltheco is inviting everyone irrespective of the colour, race, culture or nationality to join the race of sonship with God the creator of all universe.
  6. The international focus of the Online theological college international is to make every minister of the gospel to be soul winner and church growth pioneer. This will be actualized by great theological equipment, in-depth ministerial training missionary impartation and evangelistic awareness as we express in out teaching materials.



There are other important theological institutions that worth knowing by all Christians, by all churches and by all called men and women of our generation. These are important theological institutions that have imparted lives and have influenced thousands of people in different ways. The institutions are highly academic, highly spiritual, highly charismatic and highly ministerial. These great institutions are the following ones below

  1. El Theological college
  2. El university of theology and Biblical seminary
  3. International institute of missions
  4. Online Theological college international.
  5. International victory Bible institutes

These are the Bible colleges worthy of knowing and worthy of great commendation, worthy of recognition, worthy of recommendation, worthy of appreciation and worthy of knowing. We recommend them and direct all called men and women to search for any or all these great institutions for their studies and for their admission.

  3. Email:
  4. El Theological College Aba


  3. Email:
  4. El Theological university and Biblical Seminary Nigeria
  3. Email:
  4. International institute of missions Nigeria




El Theological College is the mother institution to Online theological college international. El Theological college stands as the best Bible college, the most spiritual, most academic, most charismatic and the best among the bests. El Theological college has the greatest number of courses and the highest moral standard and stands as the most ethical Bible college in the country.

El Theological College is in Aba, Abia State of Nigeria, but can be reached through other possible means. We introduce El Theological College to students who may not like to study online but desire to sit in classroom to listen to teachers and to ask direct questions. El Theological college is fully loaded to bless students who want to be more useful in their churches, in the gospel ministry and in the hand of God. A simple trial can definitely convince the student.

El Theological college can be contacted through the underlisted means of contact.

  1. Phone - +234-808 8857694, +234 8107 84 3029
  2. E-mail –,
  3. Website –
  4. P.O. Box – Box 4251 Aba, Abia State Nigeria.
  5. Face books – eltheco Nigeria, eltheco seminary
  6. Location – El Theological college, c/o Uju Gospel Village, Asa Nnentu off flyover bus stop, Port-Harcourt Road Aba, Abia State Nigeria.


Contact the administrative office of the online theological college or contact Rev Prof Emma Ononuju, the under listed process shall be followed and used. The administrative office of the online theological college is where the official orders, commands, managements, leadership, statements and functions go out to people, to students and to all outsiders or insiders in the ministries and in the great institution. Below are how to reach the administrative office of OLTHECO.



  1. Phones - +234-808 885 7694; +234-8107843029.
  2. E-mail:,
  3. Face books- eltheco seminary
  4. Other websites –,,
  5. Physical location – Uju Gospel village, Asa Nnentu, UGLA, Abia State Nigeria.
  6. Country of residence – NIGERIA
  8. Through phone calls
  9. Through Emails
  10. Through face book
  11. Through visiting this website or others.
  12. Through visiting the office in person when such need arises.


Online theological college international is a holiness Bible college with great emphasis on entire sanctification. It is the academic arm of Redemption campaigners mission which is the mother church to all other ministries  established by Rev Prof Emma Ononuju. Redemption campaigners mission through the online theological college runs an internet church fellowship, known as the “Lord internet church fellowship”. This fellowship is free for all no matter where the person lives. Distance is not a hindrance to the membership of the great “Lords internet church fellowship”. Everyone is needed to be a member, it is an inter-denominational church fellowship which desires all lovers of God to join irrespective of distances and geographical location.

The “Lord’s internet church fellowship” is Bible based, rapture focused, holiness consciousness, miracle prone and always crowded with signs and wonders. It is an internet fellowship that truly and really manifest physically to all members of the fellowship and praises work wonders and where the actual meaning of prayers comes to reality.

Below are other expectations from the worshippers and members of the Lord’s internet church fellowship in their homes, offices and businesses.

  1. IT IS A SPIRITUAL FELLOWSHIP: The Lord’s internet church fellowship is a spiritual fellowship aiming at building the members with solid spiritual ingredients which goes with the distribution of spiritual documents to members through their E-mails.


  1. IT IS A FELLOWSHIP OF FAITH: It is a powerful fellowship where the faith carries down the power of God, down to the houses, homes, offices, needs and to the prayers of the people and turns all problems to miracles and blessings.
  1. IT IS A FELLOWSHIP OF FAITHFULNESS: The internet fellowship of the brethren is the great and wonderful fellowship of faithfulness where the brethren’s faithfulness turns people’s doubts to peace and to progress and bring them in closer relationship with God.


  1. IT IS THE BASE OF PRAYERS: There is an outstanding prayer band known as “the global prayer link” whose businesses are to pray for people, for nations, for ministers and for all in one need or the other. This is a 24 hour prayer team, whose prayers flow with constant and daily miracles. This is an intercessory group of our ministry still unknown to the members. Here members are advised to send their prayer requests to this group (Global prayerlink) through this Email –
  2. IT IS MIRACLE PRONE FELLOWSHIP: The Lord internet church fellowship is miracle prone fellowship where the members are prayed for by Rev Prof Emma Ononuju according to their prayer requests and where the Global prayer link table people’s needs to God daily, which in turn shall result to miracles. Hundreds of miracles have been recorded through distance fellowship. (For miracles in Rev Prof Ononujus ministry) please click, You can see the sick healed,  the poor blessed, the deaf heard, cripple walked and HIV positives healed. This fellowship is born to bring the afflicted, the troubled heart and the sick to the ground of miracles.
  1. IT IS A FELLOWSHIP OF LOVE: The base of the internet fellowship is to spread the love of God and to motivate us also to love others, just as God loves us. It is a fellowship of love, unity and oneness with God and with our brethren. It is a place to share our burden in prayers through internet that our needs shall be prayed for.


  1. IT IS A FELLOWSHIP OF  HOPE: The greatest qualification of all internet members of this fellowship is that all who are full of faith, live also in hope. Hundreds of miracles that occurred in this program are products of FAITH, through constant hope. This is a true fellowship where constant God is nearer, real and true. God is calling men and women to this type of fellowship.

To join the fellowship is simple. The person who desires to join should write to the director of fellowship through our E-mail at The person also should fill the membership form and return that to us through our Email.

Everybody is qualified, hence our goal is to build the believers in Christ and to convert the unconverted to Christ. It is a fellowship of all which is aiming at meeting the needs of the members.

The purpose of the fellowship is to share the word of God through internet. It is to build and to equip the believers in Christ, to heal the sick, deliver the afflicted, convert the unconverted, lead sinners to Christ, pray for the weak and to glorify the Lord. It is the fellowship of all with wider focus to world evangelization and global missions.
Every member of this fellowship is mandated to pray and to seek the face of God every Sunday between 6pm – 8pm and to pray and to seek the presence of God, every Thursday between the hours of 10pm and upwards with a great desire and unity with other members of the fellowship who are at this time in the same mood of prayers in their areas.

Any member with needs, who desires to be prayed for, should send his or her prayer requests to us through our Email with proper explaination of what his or her problems are. Such person is also expected to believe and be ready to get his miracles or to get his or her prayers answered by God. Prayer requests must be written and be sent to us through our E-mail alone.

Every members is blessed with many benefits. Rev Prof Emma Ononuju sees all the prayer requests and personally prays for each case with faith and faithfulness which undoubtedly must result to many miracles to the seekers. The global prayerlink also have such prayer request as its own daily prayer topic presenting such to God daily which in turn shall touch the heart of God and shall result to miracles. The needy member who reported shall be given pastoral care, or seek ways to help him or her through the help of other members of the fellowship.


All the members of the Global prayer link are full time gospel ministers whose duties are to pray for others. The members of this fellowship are advised to help and care and to support them monthly with whatever the Lord many provide for each member or whatever the Lord may lay in the heart of each member to support the people of God who pray for them on daily basis. The ministers are only supported by what the believers donated or give to them.

Every member has the right to call Rev Prof Emma Ononuju for prayers or for deliverance in times of emergency. In case of sicknesses, fear, attacks, demonic oppressions, confusions, demonic afflictions or troubles around any member of this fellowship, such person has the right to call on Rev Prof Emma Ononuju on phone to pray for him or her for immediate deliverance from such dangerous situation. This is the phone line to call in time of emergency +234-808-885-7694.
The preachings and teachings of Rev Prof Emma Ononuju shall on monthly or weekly bases be sent to every member through Emails. Such preachings and teachings are the spiritual food for the soul which every member should read, believe and study in order to be alive in Christ always. The teachings and preachings are full of holiness thought, word of faith, prophecies, revelations and words of comfort.

Every member of this fellowship shall be receiving monthly bulletin containing all good information needed by the members. Such records of information shall be full of hope, guidance, directives, advice, where to read in each week, the prayer topic in each week and issues relating to mentorship and all discipleship. The information box will contain all that can help any member to survive. Download Form Here

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