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    The practical school of life experiences is private Biblical school, Christian instruction and what God has for people with life crisis, such as the bereaved, the sick, the orphans, widows, the poor, the afflicted, the isolated, the spinster and all with one tough experience or the other and all those with unbearable life experiences, as are mentioned below.


    A widow is a woman whose husband is dead. This is a tough condition that is accompanied with tears, pains, sorrows and crisis. It is a condition that lays the burdens and loads of the family upon the weaker vessel in the family which is the woman. Widows face many things that are not conducive to their lives and health such as disrespect from neighbours, provocative statements from relations, family tension, hardship, demands from children and other things.

    If you are a widow, don’t kill yourself because of your present condition, don’t sell your body, do not fall into the sin of fornication, stealing, anger, wandering, gossiping, fighting or into the sin of different kinds or immorality because of money but rely on God, be faithful, pray without ceasing, attend church regularly, cleave to your Bible and make JESUS to be your present husband. Read the following scriptures Isa 42:2, I Jn 5:14-15, Hab 3:19, Nahum 1:7, Ps 138:6-7, Mtt 6:33-34, Phil 4:6-7, Deut 28:2-6.


    Long spinsterhood is a condition when a mature lady with constant hope to marry, but did not marry. It is a condition where a lady who supposed to be addressed as a mother or as a wife, but did not yet marry. This is often a sad condition, it is a condition of fear, sadness, worry, uncertainty to such ladies.

    Long spinsterhood is very painful and always attracts different kinds of temptations. It is sometimes caused by demons, curses in the land, bad family foundation, occult manipulation, evil covenants, bad habits, bad testimony of the victim or caused by parental history.

    Do not kill yourself because of this condition and do not sell yourself to sin, nor sell yourself to men because of your present condition. Do not add sorrows to it, nor have any feeling that can underrate God, but always remember that God is still God and still in control of the heavens and the earth. Read the following Bible portions. Ps 27:10, I Cor 1:9, Zach 2:10, Jn 15:4-7, Jn 14:21, Ps 145:15-16, Jer 31:14.


    Hardship and hunger are the music of the hour. This is a condition where the victim’s hope is lost due to what to eat, how to survive, what to do or what tomorrow shall bring. This condition is full of fear, doubt, unbelief and full of peacelessness. It is either caused by demons, evil foundations, evil altars in the home, curses, evil money in the business, evil covenants, ancestral sins, personal sins of the victims, mismanagement of funds, mismanagement of business, carelessness, rough spending or sudden misfortunes.

    Do not steal because of this very condition, do not sell yourself to occult practices or seek ways to patronize the sorcerer, the witch doctors or seek ways to compromise with any form of occultation and never seek for unscriptural prosperity and easy method of getting rich. Rely on God, trust Him, and don’t measure yourself with sinners who are devilishly prospering. God knows your case, please read the following Bible portions Ps 37:1-18, Ps 73:1-20, Prov 3:27-35.


    Sickness, affliction and distress are bad conditions, deformations or illness. Sickness can be caused by demons, family history, genetic cases, environment, poison, occult practices and others. Sickness can cause death, deformation and weakness. Sick people are always sad, angry and restless.

    No matter what your sickness is, no matter how long that has lasted, no matter how painful it is and no matter how severe it might look like. Don’t kill yourself, don’t be negative in thoughts, not to be negative in confession, but continue your faith in Christ, remember God is still our healer and still in control. Believe Christ and continue your obedience to His word and rely on His healing power with expectation of your soon coming healing and other miracles. Please read the coming Bible portions. Isa 53:3-6, I Pet 2:24, Mtt 8:1-27, Mtt 9:1-2, Ex 15:26, Deut 7:12-15.


    Childless and barren conditions are very painful, fearful, tearful and sorrowful. Childless families are faced with uneasiness, peaclessness, restlessness, anger, regret and confusions. Such families always mock at them. It is a bad marital condition. Barrenness and childlessness can be caused by biological case, curses, evil covenants, demons or bad family foundations. It can be cause by chronic infection, contagious disease or one body defection or the other.

    We draw your attention to understand God’s will. No matter how long you case has lasted, remember God is still God and still a miracle worker, therefore, don’t kill yourself, don’t trust your faith, cease from anger and open your heart for God. Remember the cases of Abraham, Isaac, Hannah and Elizabeth and how God later visited them. Your case is not the worst, re-direct your attention, your faith, hope and prayers to God and watch how God will soon visit you. Read the following Bible portions. Gen 11:29-30, Gen 29:30-31, Judges 13:1-6, I Sam 2:18-20, Lk 1:6-8. See Gods promise for the believers Deut 7:13-15.


    There are different kinds of family crisis such as demonic attacks, disagreement, disunity, fighting, lack of food, poverty, applicant ship, hardship, peacelessness, sicknesses and other kinds of afflictions in the family. Family crisis are at times caused by spiritual carelessness demonic invasion, bad use of tongue, ancestral curses, bad characters inherited from parent’s ignorance or peoples (enemies) attacks to the family. Family crisis may lead to divorce, fighting or to suicidal policies.

    No matter what your case maybe and no matter how severe you may consider it, first of all think about eternity. Remember, your case is not the worst, neither the first, nor the last. Follow your family crisis with prayers, with love, with patience, with hope, with faith and with the mind of Christ. God sees, knows, hears and understands what you are passing through, but HE wants you to call on Him. In that your condition, read the following scriptures Isa. 44:3, Phil 4:12-13, Ps 103:1-5, Isa 12:2-3, Isa 55:1-3, Heb 12:2.


    This is another school of confusion, fear and uncertainty. This is a helpless situation where the victim has no job, no wife due to lack of money and no plan due to the lack of peace. This is a condition of sorrows, tears and worries. It is prone to anxiety and to emotional breakdown. It is full of discouragement and loss of hope. It is a condition of poverty, frustration and distress and when every hope seems to have lost. This situation might because by evil spirits, by bad family background, evil foundation, bad family altar, unbroken curses, wrong self management, occult powers, past initiations, sins, drunkenness, the economic situation of the nation or special test from God. No matter whatever the case may look like, think of Jesus.

    Beloved, no matter whatever your case may be, remember, many people have passed through such condition and others are still in the same condition today. God has special method of doing things and He properly aware of your present condition, therefore be patient with God, be faithful, obedient ad be loyal to God’s authority and pray without ceasing and watch out what God shall do about it  very soon because He can never forget you allow you to die in that case. Read the following scriptures and pray. II Chron. 7:13-15, II Chron. 6:24-31, Ps 50:14-15, Ps 1:1-6, Mtt. 21:21-22.


    This is a condition where the victim is rejected, isolated, despised, repudiated, cast out of relationship, suspended, disfellowship, disassociated and kept out of social and human communication, interaction and out of general relationship perhaps due to poverty, sickness,, hardship or due to the taboo committed in the community or in an organization. This bad condition is caused by poverty, sin against the people, the reaction of the family altar, demons, hatred of the people or injustice in the land. This condition is too painful, too sorrowful, too shameful and too troublesome. People in this condition are always in fears and in tears.

    Do you know that God uses such condition to promote and to uplift the faithful? Be patient with God and see what God wants to achieve through this your condition. Many people both in the Bible days and in our days were promoted through such painful conditions, think about people like Joseph, Moses, Jephthah, David, Daniel and others were rejected and despised whom God by His power promoted them and made them leaders and heads among His people. Be faithful, patient and obedient to God and watch what His plan for your life shall be. Please read the following scriptures Mtt. 21:42, Isa 43:2, I Pet 4:12-13, Deut 33:27.


    Poverty and frustration are too bad and too dangerous. This is the condition of no money, no material things and condition of life frustration, in great want and the condition of having no money, no food, no hope, no house, no helper, no supporter and condition of total isolation from people. Poverty leads to frustration, mental disorderliness, confusion, frequent sickness, death and at times leads to different types of misbehavior. Poverty can be caused by bad family foundation, evil altars int eh compound, ancestral sins, curses, demonic oppression, anger of God, evil covenants, laziness, lack of vision, bad life management, evil manipulation or ignorance.

    Listen, no matter how poor you are presently, don’t kill yourself or become angry or decides to steal, to kill or to join occult groups or to be diabolic in order to be rich, but in all your plans try to acknowledge God and try to honour Him. Remember He is the author of your life and the keeper of your soul. Do not offend God because of your present condition. Remember God has not finished with you and He is still planning for your tomorrow and knows what is best for you. Trust in God and be prayerful, obedient, patient and faithful to God coupled with diligence in whatever you are doing. Read the following Bible verses. Ps 37:1-15, Prov 22:29, Eccl 11:1-10, Deut 28:1-14, Deut 11:26-28.


    Many people are suffering from false accusations, hatred from people,, cheating and guiltless imprisonment in the hands of their oppressors, tyrants and in the hands of their haters. Those who are falsely accused and hated always groan, cry, weep and always in heart pains. It is a regrettable and painful condition. It is a condition of anger and sorrow with great shock.

    Don’t kill yourself because you are hated, falsefully accused, jailed or punished for what you did not do or sentenced for what you never knew. Remember, this is God’s great method of promotion and upliftment. All the Bible heroes passed through false accusations imprisonments and guiltless punishments. Joseph the son of Jacob passed through this, who later became the governor Gen 39:7-23, Gen 40:1-23, Gen 41:1-57, Moses also suffered this Ex 2:11-25, Ex 3:1-22, Jephthah also suffered this Judges 11:1-40, David, the greatest king of Israel suffered this I Sam 18:1-30, Daniel suffered this Dan 6:1-28, above all theses, JESUS who is our example in this an in every other thing suffered false accusations. Relax, God is still in-charge, therefore, pray, watch and be faithful always.


    Curses evil covenants evil altars and bad family foundation are too dangerous, fearful and deadly. Their experiences are poverty, sicknesses, deaths, failures, disappointments, losses, hardships, bereavements, confusions, crisis, accidents and all unpleasant experiences. Persons in such conditions have no peace, no joy, no growth, no miracle, no progress and no promotion in whatever thing they do. Such conditions are accompanied with sorrows, painful experiences, tears and negative stories. Hardship and poverty are the musics around the victims.

    Remember, God is still our savior, our deliverer and our keeper. Consider, your ways and think where you contributed to your case or where you ancestors or your direct fathers sins are connected, then think of deliverance, freedom and liberation. Don’t be discouraged, but pray, believe and rely on what God can do, because God is presently using men and women to deliver the oppressed which you can today be among those to deliver you can call on Rev Prof Ononuju for special prayers of deliverance. Read Deut 11:26-28, Deut 27:1-26, Deut 28:1-68, Ex 20:1-7.


    Demonic oppressions, occult depressions and demonic initiations are too dangerous. This is a condition where demons, possess, depress, initiate manipulate, seduce, afflict, oppress, oppose, deceive, confuse and obsess their human victims. The persons under demonic bondages and occult powers experience sleepless  nights, fears, life crisis, family disunity, death, evil dreams, eating in dreams, flying in dreams, having sex in dreams, seeing cows, vultures, masquerades, dead people, mad people, snakes, rivers, valley, mountain, pigs, fish, forest, shrines, gods and other things in dreams. Demon depressed persons can give birth to babies, marry, wed, attend meetings, being pursued and walk on the slippery road in their dreams. The result of these are sleeplessness, peacelessness, life crisis, sicknesses, miscarriage, barrenness, death of babies, hardship and infertility.

    All these things are there to prove the power of God. Deliverance, healing and freedom are still available today. Give your life to JESUS and pray for freedom and watch how God shall lead you to where His name is and where you will receive deliverance. Believe God, surrender your life to JESUS, read your Bible and believe God with all your heart, you can also call on Rev Prof Emma Ononuju. Also read Mk 16:15-18, Mtt 8:1-34, Mtt 9:1-38.


    School of bereavements, sorrows and frequent death is a school of tears, temptation and the school of family death. Widows, widowers, orphans and families experience this school harder especially when it affects the family bread winner, the only son, the only child, the hope of the family, the youth and of course every person. Death is very painful and sorrowful wherever it occurs. Some died through accident, demonic attacks, as a result of sin, by sickness, by the will of God, through old age, poisoning, by occult manipulation or by minor mistakes.

    Nevertheless, no matter how one dies, death is death and the last existence of man on earth, but not his last journey in eternity. If you lose beloved one, take courage and relax in Christ only.

    Are you in sorrow, in pain or in a great groaning because of the death of your beloved one. Remember, death is not the final journey of man. The real life continues after physical death on earth. The history of death traced its reality from the fall of man. You should not kill yourself because of the death of your beloved one, but should use that as a lesson to prepare yourself for your own death.

    Remember, the worst death on earth is the death without Christ, the eternity in hellfire and death in sin. Death of the beloved person should quickly draw you to Christ having in mind that one day should be yours, but how will you face death? In sin or with righteousness? Death should bring a good and reasonable person to repentance and not to sorrow. Read the following Bible portions. Heb 9:27, Rev 21:8-9, Mk 9:42-49, Rom 1:28-32.


    School of hindrances, failures and frequent disappointments is the school tears and deep regret. Many people face hindrances in their businesses, in their life pursuits and in whatever thing they place their hands to do, while others face failures in businesses, in marriages and in life carriers, so many also face frequent disappointments in marriage, in businesses and in their hope of survival. People in such conditions are always in tears, in sorrows, in pains and in great confusion of what life is all about. Such people do not enjoy the fruit of their labour, nor see the seed of their harvest but always in great pains and troubles.

    This your condition is not the worst, God sees, hears and knows about it. There are five areas we want you to check or consider as the causes of your present condition of tears.

    1. Check your root and family foundation.
    2. Check whether there is inherited curses.
    3. Check your family altar and ancestral covenants.
    4. Check your present relationship with God.
    5. How do you pay your tithes and Christian obligations?


    Any of these may be the cause or you are in divine program where God is building you and testing your faith. Don’t quit, don’t look at back and don’t regret but stand still to see the salvation of God. Read the following scriptures. II Chron 7:13-17, Deut 11:26-28, Ps 1:1-6, Lev 26:1-46, Ps 50:14-15.


    1. FREEDOM

    The Bible speaks of freedom in the most possible way. It is the truth in man, and the truth known and confess by the man that sets man free Jn 8, 32, 36. It is freedom from sin, from demonic bondages, from curses, from evil covenants, from evil dreams and freedom from all powers of darkness. Man needs freedom in order to live. No man is free without JESUS, we are saved, loosed, freed and redeemed by JESUS CHRIST. The greatest problems of man of the 21st century is seeking from where there is no freedom or seeking for help in the most dangerous area where there is no help. There is no freedom any where apart from Jesus Christ and Him alone has come to set man free from demons, from evil dreams, from curses, from evil covenants and from all chains of the enemies.

    Do you need freedom? Do you want to be free from your present condition? Wait, all hope is not lost, JESUS is still in control, and we shall help you, direct you to our master JESUS.


    Liberation from demonic bondages and evil oppressions is Biblical. It is not the will of God that His loved ones are enslaved, caged, chained, bound and crippled by sins, by demons, by curses and by evil covenants, resulting to death, sicknesses, troubles, confusions, poverty and all forms of misfortunes in life. Liberation of the oppressed and enslaved ones is the will of God. JESUS sent the believers to preach the gospel, to teach all nations, to heal the sick and loose all oppressed and all chained men and women, the believers in gospel shall cast out demons and move with signs and wonders as they preach JESUS. Mk 16:15-18. Victim of demonic bondage should believe God, rely on God, relax on the promises of God and seek for God’s providence for total liberation.


    There are thousands of people today in our society who are disorganized, confused, doomed, blinded, crippled and tied by the demonic world and all powers of darkness, resulting to death, to crisis, to barrenness, to hardship, to frustration, hunger, to sickness and to all forms of misfortunes or evil experiences in life. Jesus gave us power and authority to bind the demons and to loose the oppressed. Those chained and crippled by the powers of darkness should seek freedom from God rely on what JESUS has said and trust the promises of God in the total freedom and complete deliverance Mtt 18:18-20. Today God is using human instruments who are the genuine men and women of God to break the yokes of the demons and to set the captives free. If after all efforts, and your case continues, please make contact to reach our office or call us on phone or you can also write to let us know your case for our deliverance prayers for you.


    1. HEALING

    Believers are filled with power and with authority to deal with their demonic opponents. Healing is the children’s bread (food). The ministry of JESUS CHRIST which he committed in the hands of the believers is accompanied with preaching and healing Lk. 9:1-6, Lk 10:1-10. The duty of the believer is to preach the gospel and to heal the sick by laying on the sick. Those who are afflicted with various types of sickness should seek God, pray and have faith in the finished work at Calvary Isa 53:3-5, I Pet 2:24. The prayers of the saint shall heal the sick. Those afflicted with sicknesses and diseases should seek God and meet the real and genuine men of God for proper prayer of healing. Where every effort fail, the victim should call us, write or visit our healing ministry on Thursdays. God is still God who cannot change His quality nor change His power and is still our healer.


    Curses and covenants are the major causes of hindrances, poverty, hardship, barrenness, losses, failures, disappointments, cases, crisis, troubles, deaths, sorrows, misfortunes, hazards and other unpleasant experiences. Cursed families, cursed villages, cursed lands or cursed and individuals are in great dangers and in great pains. Curses are the products of sins, evil altars, demonic covenants and idolatry. It is the manifestation of God’s anger to the offenders and all that forget God in their activities. Curses and covenants have cure and can be cured and be broken through proper repentance, proper confession, proper restitution, proper destruction and demolition of all evil properties. God is still losing the cursed ones. The cursed persons should seek God, pray and meet the mature and sincere gospel minister for deliverance. When other efforts fail, you can contact our deliverance program for special prayers of freedom.


    JESUS empowered the believers to cast out the demons, lay hands on the sick and preach the gospel and make coverts. Demons are arch enemies of the church, the greatest enemies of the families and the destroyer of man. The demons are the follower adherents and the helpers of satan who was once called the Lucifer. Demons can posses man and can enter man’s heart, soul and man’s spirit and continues to manipulate the man’s spirit and controls the man’s action. The demons are also known as the evil spirits, they manifest in dreams, in actions and in words and can cause different types of problems to man. Jesus authorized the believers to cast out the demons Mk 16:15-18, Lk 10:1-6 and Lk 9:1-14. The victims of the demons should seek the ministers with deliverance knowledge to help them in times of their distress.


    Deliverance is to be free from sins, from dangers, from demonic oppression and from satanic activities, demonic influenced and from cruel leadership of the demons. Many people, many families, kindred, villages and lands are under the bondage of the satan. Jesus gave us power and authority to cast, to destroy, to bind and to chain the demons which shall result to the loosing, liberation and to the deliverance of the victims. When the problems becomes higher, the deliverance becomes more important. Seek for deliverance today and you shall be free.


    Miracles are extraordinary happenings. Miracles are God’s intervention in the serious cases and crisis of men. Everybody needs miracles when he does not know what next to do. Healing, deliverance, liberation, promotion, breaking of curses, prosperity, upliftment, breakthrough and divine connections are the products of miracles. The poor, the weak, the bereaved, the widow, the sick, the spinster and all in one hardship or the other need God’s miracle to loose him or her and to lift him or her up and to set him or her free.

    Those in great desire of miracle should pray, seek the face of God and have faith in God daily with enough patience. You can call on us when you don’t know what next to do.





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