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Prof Ononuju’s marriage counseling and broken homes restoration is a ministerial programme of both El Theological College and Redemption Campaigners mission.

It is a big, a serious and a spiritual programme aiming at helping all would be couples, all singles who intend to marry and all married people who desire peace and continuous love and harmony in their marital relationships. It is a family building programme and marriage guiding ministry. It is for both those intending to marry, those searching for life partners, those searching for life partners, those already in courtship or marriage courtship or marriage engagements, those planning to wed, the newly married, parents, those whose families are in crisis, those whose marital relationships are confusion, the afflicted homes, old marriages with pains and problems and for general family building and broken homes restoration. The programme is for those whose love is weak, those in family sickness and crisis, those about to divorce, those whose pillar of marriage is about to be broken, the divorcees who want to reconcile and all those in one marital confusion or the other.

There are four major areas of this family programme which all intended couples and all families with similar cases are to focus their attentions.

  1. General marriage counseling.
  2. Broken home restoration.
  3. Family building programs
  4. Solution to family problems.


These four programs are the main focus of Prof Ononuju’s marriage counseling and broken home restoration. God has been helping Rev Prof. Emma Ononuju to be an expert and visible authority in these areas. Hundreds of broken homes, divorcees, peaceless families and demon afflicted homes have restored through his Biblical counseling and anointed prayers. Many singles have known the will of God in marriage, while hundreds of intending couples have been guided through Prof Emma Ononuju’s Bible counseling.

The combination of his counseling, prayers and deliverance have given his birth to family success, family peace, family restoration, family progress, harmony and family love restoration. Many singles whose marital pipes were demons have married.

This program goes with Biblical counseling prayers, total deliverance and Biblical guide to family life. It is a holiness and Biblical program which attracts God intervention quickly.

There are hundreds and thousands of testimonies about family liberations, family healing, family restoration, marital peace, comfort homes, harmony restoration, marriage reconciliation, marriage according to God’s will, knowing whom to marry and more testimonies about God’s presence in former crisis prone homes as a result of Prof Ononuju’s marriage counseling, Biblical guidelines, prayers and deliverance. Below are the major issues in this programme.

Nevertheless, those who need one marital guide or the other should contact Rev Prof Emma Ononuju through these lines: +234-8107 843 029,
+234-808 8857694.

This is an internet marriage counseling of Rev Prof Emma Ononuju to all who desire to have peaceful homes, godly children, love in marriage and the continuous harmony in their families. We advise all in one marital case or the other to come in person to see Rev Prof Emma Ononuju and prayers.

Nevertheless, those in far countries should call, write or request prayer and guidelines from the couple, because there is no distance in prayers, nor distance in divine directions. Here are general advice to those intending to marry or those in courtship or those searching for life partners.



  1. Marriage is a life time business that ends only in grave.
  2. Marriage is not a business of infants but for mature adults.
  3. Marriage is the strongest and the greatest union on earth.
  4. Marriage cannot work without divine love which is the driving force.
  5. Marriage is not a hasty and casual relationship
  6. Nobody should enter marriage relationship without adequate preparation and without adequate conviction. The would be couple should be spiritually fit, physically fit, socially fit and psychologically fit as well. There must be spiritual preparation which is the foundation of solid homes.
  7. There must be economic readiness and steady hope of sustenance before entering into marital business.
  8. Is there any history of impotency, infertility or chronic diseases that should be treated before joining?
  9. Is there any curse that should be broken before joining?
  10. Is any of the intending couple owing some individuals, banks, cooperate organizations or associations which the hope of payment is not near?
  11. What of the family background of the intending couple, is there any history of evils?
  12. Are the intending couple of the same faith and the same scriptural conviction?
  13. What is the purpose of your marriage union? Sexual relationship? Companionship? Love or bearing of children? (Your purpose has final determination).
  14. The man must have his own private apartment where he lives and not a squatter.
  15. There must be readiness in all domestic and economic properties at home.
  16. The blood status must be considered.
  17. Health status must be considered.
  18. HIV, blood group etc must be checked.
  19. Check whether any of the would be couple has married before and if such had taken place, discover the cause of such separation or divorcement.
  20. Is the woman still seeing her monthly menstruation if not, what is the cause? This must be considered.
  21. Check whether the male organ of the man is actively functioning, if not, what is the cause, if this is not settled, it may cause divorce in future.
  22. The temperaments of the would be couple should be considered, can the two live peacefully with contrary motivations?
  23. Is there any darling sin in each of them and if so, what is that?
  24. Is there any clash of interest, what is that which the man likes greatly that the woman hates greatly? This matter must be settled before joining and before entering into marriage relationship.
  25. Marriage is not a game of likeness but a relationship of great love.
  26. Do not marry anyone because you pity him or her, nor because he or she if rejected by others.
  27. Do not marry because the person is poor and has no helper, if you do, you can’t be the helper.
  28. Do not marry him or her because of his or her stature.
  29. Don’t marry anyone because of fame, money or because of any other acquisition, if you do, the failure must surely start from there.
  30. Don’t marry because of his or her education, social position or his or her present business status.
  31. Don’t marry because of family background nor because of family acquisition.
  32. Do not marry because of beauty or handsomeness.
  33. Don’t marry because political position.
  34. Don’t marry because others love him or her.
  35. Don’t marry because of your pastors prophecy on whom you will marry.
  36. Don’t marry whom you don’t love and whom you cannot cherish.
  37. Don’t marry by emergency, nor by flesh and never by what others say.
  38. Tell God about your proposed marriage program and have enough time to seek God’s guidance and leadership in your marriage.
  39. You are not marrying that your people, mother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brothers and sisters to control your family, but you are marrying to be one flesh with your life partner alone.
  40. You are marrying to raise children and godly family with your life partner and this  vision should be on top of every program.



There are many family destroyers that all would be couple should avoid before entering into marital relationships or before joining together as couple. Below are those things to avoid which are future family destroyers and the warms that eat family foundations.

  1. Avoid pre-marital sex because premarital sex is fornication which in future begins to harm the family peace.
  2. Avoid all forms of kissing, romancing and any issues that can lead to immoral feelings because these will kill your trust for each other in future.
  3. Avoid double roles, don’t engage two persons at the same time, because this is the devil’s trick to harm your future relationship.
  4. Avoid hiding your private weaknesses to your would be wife or husband, because this may break your marriage if discovered later.
  5. Don’t lie to your would be life partner.
  6. Don’t use enticing statement to catch your partner, this brings regrets at last.
  7. Don’t aim or plan to go to the altar of joining with pregnancy, this must surely generate to bitterness at last.
  8. Don’t allow your people or friends to detect whom you will marry.
  9. Avoid side talks, false prophecies and false dreams because these are devils tools to break families.
  10. Avoid tempting God after God has assured you on whom to marry.
  11. Don’t force yourself on the person who doesn’t love you for marriage, because such union has short period to last.
  12. Avoid using charms, occult powers or any diabolic means to get life partner, because at the expiration of such charms, crisis, hatred, divorce, fighting or death shall follow your marriage.
  13. Avoid using gifts, money or property to entice your would be life partner, because any family that is built on that must surely collapse when such items are no more coming.
  14. Don’t speak bad of whom you want to marry at his or her absence because that shall become the sign post of your marriage through your existence.
  15. Don’t reveal any secret you learnt from your would be partner to another person and don’t share his or her weaknesses with others.
  16. Avoid all oppositions to each other and avoid all forms of antagonistic relationship with each other, because that can grow and generate to big family confusion later.
  17. Avoid comparing him or her with another person, nor challenge him or her with your former lover, because this is a very family hostile tree that is too hard to cut down in future.
  18. Don’t despise him or her because of his or her poor level of education, poor status, poor position or poverty at present.
  19. Avoid anything that can harm the love, kill the interest and disturb the relationship.
  20. Avoid hypocrisy, pretence or anything that would hide your true colour before your would be life partner.


All spinsters and bachelors praying for marriage should without a failure follow the above listed principles in order to succeed. Rev Prof Ononuju is a blessing to this generation. There are hundreds of bachelors, spinsters and couples who have be blessed through the counseling ministry of the Ononujus. For more testimonies see, then check miracles in ononuju’s ministries or click to “miracles of family restoration”. In case of any help, you can call +234-8107 843 029, +234 80888 576 94.

There is always hope for the cursed cities as there is hope for the broken families. There is no doubt that family crisis and pains are caused by one thing or the other and there is no doubt that healing of the broken homes shall also come from one divine source as well. There are many godly principles to heal, to keep, to restore and to future broken homes and to keep unbroken homes fresh and clean always. There are thousands and many testimonies from former victims of the broken families who were healed through the counseling and prayer ministries of Rev Prof Emma Ononuju. Below are things to do in order to keep homes and families alive.

There are things to do in order to keep families and homes freshly, lively and godly. Man is both a destroyer and at the same time a builder. Here are forty things that man can do in order to keep his family, house, home and marriage godly. This is the business of all married couples. The principles are for men and women and for all couples who desire the best for their homes, houses, families and for their marriages. Below are scriptural steps to marital survival and for family progress.

  1. Man must love his wife with all his heart, might, soul and all his will.
  2. Woman in the same way must love her husband with all her heart, might, soul and will.
  3. Marriage should be seen as cleaving, as a covenant and as unbreakable relationship on earth.
  4. Marriage is the union of two good lovers and the union of two good forgivers.
  5. Marriage is a divine covenant between man and woman which God is a witness and among the signatories.
  6. Marriage is not a short time game and never intended to break at will.
  7. Marriage is a bond, a tie, a covenant and the strongest relationship on earth.
  8. Marriage relationship brings the man and woman into one flesh, one bone, one blood and into one spirit and sealed by God.
  9. Based on what says marriage is, the couple should seek ways to please each other.
  10. Love and forgiveness should reign supreme in the family.
  11. The wife must obey her husband in everything as unto the Lord.
  12. The husband should not see the wife as a slave but as a part of him.
  13. Each of them should dance to the tune and track of peace every time and everywhere.
  14. Say sorry when you are at fault and always admit your fault.
  15. Respect each other’s opinion before decision and never take marital law at your single decision.
  16. Pray together, pray for one another and always appreciate each other, no matter the situation.
  17. Correct each other with love with mild voice and always use soft voice and soft words to achieve your aim in your family.
  18. Be patient with each other, serve each other and always be pitting each other and heart full of praise.
  19. Make time to play together, kissing, joking together, studying together and enough time to live together.
  20. Interaction and storytelling are important issues to build love and family life, don’t neglect them at all.
  21. Surrender yourself for family sex and never reject such request from your partner unless with useful explanation or necessary excuses.
  22. Buy gifts for your partner, no matter how big or small that might be, because gift is a converter.
  23. Plan together, voice out your vision and let two of you carry out your life objectives and visions.
  24. Eat together, sleep together and share life together, because there is power in togetherness.
  25. Be faithful to each other and live for each other because love cannot succeed without faithfulness.
  26. Family devotion, family fasting and prayers and family Bible study are very important issues that build the home.
  27. Closeness to each other is a clear evidence of love, don’t withdraw from your partner but always be closer, because closeness and cleaving together are related.
  28. Forgiveness is the key to family life and continuous freshness, because  every happy marriage must be the union of two good forgivers.
  29. Your money is your partners money, therefore, don’t hide your pocket, your income or your business to your partner, because it is not true to surrender your heart to your partner without surrendering your purse.
  30. There must be single financial vision, single financial management and single financial goals, even though, there maybe different bank accounts and different signatories in the banks, still with one vision.
  31. There must be united efforts, unity of purposes and pursuit in the family planning and focus.
  32. The husband and wife must have one vision, one aim and one objectives, even though they may be involved in different businesses, different ministries and different occupations, still with the same family vision.
  33. Sharing things in common is a strong pillar that holds the family peace, therefore cleave to this.
  34. Continuous closeness, steady walk and diligently working for JESUS are eh only foundation that cannot fail, therefore adhere to these.
  35. Steady obedience to the Holyghost is the secret of family survival, therefore, don’t neglect this.
  36. Trusting each other, relying upon each other and helping each other are necessities to the stability of every family.
  37. Quick reconciliation in times of disagreement through apologies and forgiveness is a strong attack to the demons of family crisis.
  38. Don’t be ashamed to walk along with your partner, but always move with him or her, walk with him or her, and always involve your partner in your goals, businesses, plans and in your missions.
  39. Always present your partner as the best, both in public or in private places, make him or her to know that you care and that you value him or her.


There are always solutions to family crisis and other unfriendly experiences at homes. May families, individuals and even divorced couples have been blessed, reconciled, settled, re-united and be fruitful through the marriage counseling and prayers of Rev Prof Emma Ononuju. You can reach Prof Ononuju on phone through the following lines +234-808 8857 694, +234 810 784 3029.

There are many things that can cause family crisis, cases, death, barrenness, divorcement, family weakness, unhealthy family relationships, disunity, fighting, poverty, family troubles, failures and other unfriendly experiences in the family. It is very important and necessary for every couple to know these enemies in their homes and know how to avoid them, attack them or to defect them in order to build the strongest family relationship.

The strongest way to win family crisis is to know the causes and to know  how to fight them. No family can be strongly built without knowing where the enemies of the family are and what the enemies are, thus, this lesson comes with the revelations of the cause of family troubles and pains. Below are the thieves that steal the family peace.

Healing comes by knowing the causes. There are many issues that can destroy families if not known early and fight against them early also. Below are those 40 enemies of the peaceful homes which have rendered many homes useless.

  1. Sinful habits and Christless attitude.
  2. Unfaithfulness to each other and secret sins
  3. Wrong use of tongue and hostile vibrations
  4. Hypocrisy and abnormal pretence at home
  5. Deceit and lying to each other
  6. Lavishious spending  and laziness
  7. Childlessness, barrenness and infertility
  8. Clash of interest and deliberate disobedience
  9. Unforgiveness and frequent repetition or rehearsal of past issues.
  10. Poverty, dry pocket, lack and financial emptiness at home, these occur only to impatient and carnal life partner or an avaricious partner.
  11. Weak love and deliberate disobedience
  12. Bad behavior carelessness and all forms of rough exhibitions at home.
  13. Bad management of family finance and stinginess to family needs.
  14. Unsatisfied sexual relationship and animalistic type of sex.
  15. Threatening statements and harsh words.
  16. Bad family foundation and devil powers
  17. Curses inherited from fathers or curses attracted through personal sins
  18. Demonic attacks and evil depression
  19. Evil covenants through parents or through dreams
  20. Demonic marriage through dreams or through  occultation.
  21. Demonic possessions among a partner or the two.
  22. Marine spirits and the presence of river gods.
  23. Influence of an occult powers
  24. Dream covenants or evil engagements.
  25. Hereditary or parental transference.
  26. Adulterous activities and illegal sex outside the marriage.
  27. Ancestral sins and family bondages.
  28. Cheating and deceiving one another
  29. The presence of the serpent at home
  30. Christlessness, poor spirituality and careless spiritual equipment
  31. The presence of the fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters including all in-laws in your family are the enemies that disturb your peace.
  32. Poor interaction between the couple can cause great damages at home.
  33. The third party syndrome, friends and all well wishers in your family management is too dangerous to your family survival.
  34. Starvation or hunger at home is another enemy of family peace.
  35. Hard drugs and the influence of alcoholic drinks
  36. Fetish ideology and occult practices are enemies to family harmony
  37. Consequences of sins of past and all unbroken evil covenants are family enemies.
  38. Spiritism and occult practices are enemies to the peaceful family and family harmony.
  39. Weak erection, impotency and poor sex drive can break a family and cause divorce.
  40. Carelessness, carefree, negligence to family needs and all forms of . it doesn’t matter attitude are enemies to growing families, while all thoughts, feelings and reasons to polygamous policy, polyandrous behavior or bigamous relationship are the present images of Lucifer to destroy couples.


Many calls from far cities to Rev Prof Emma Ononuju concerning His family counseling have been received and treated Biblically. We also encourage all victims of family problems to come in person to see Prof Ononuju or to contact him through the following telephone lines. +234-810 784 3029, +234 808 8857 694.


There are solutions to family problems, crisis, demonic attacks and all family confusions. God’s word is not silent towards all family crisis and unhealthy family relationships in the churches today. Family crisis, though not the will of God, but are natural to man as a result of Adams fall. Here are the curves to the family crisis and marriage confusions.


  1. Do not see your life partner as another person, remember, it is one flesh, one soul and one body,, and knowing this will make you to treat him as you treat yourself.
  2. Don’t see his mistakes and errors as external but see them as having been done by you, because it is one body, one soul and one flesh. She is you and you are she, he is you and you are him, never two persons but one, knowing this will help you to pray for each other.
  3. She is not a stranger at your side but only an entity that makes you complete and to be whom God created you to be, therefore, don’t seek rooms for divorce,, separation or any room for cancellation of the covenant.
  4. Correct all wrong notions, wrong words, wrong behaviours and change them with positive ideas about your partner.
  5. Don’t dream, think or have any feeling that gears towards bigamy, polygamy, polyandry or any replacement of your partner because you are in everlasting covenant with whom you marry, therefore amend, pray, correct, build, forgive, leave and forsake all malice and anger that may lead to negative influence in your home. NEXT.....

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